About Van Life

Van life is about freedom, a conduit to a life of exploration and discovery. When I first contemplated selling everything and moving onto the road, the idea was overwhelming. Downsizing from a 1,300 sq. ft. home to a 80 sq. ft. van would mean shedding the majority of what I owned. As a cyclist, this meant going from a quiver of bikes for every condition to one ride for every occasion. As a home cook, this meant going from a selection of cookware and kitchen gadgets to a trusty pot, frying pan and kitchen knife. And as a fashion conscious male, this meant going from a closest full of options to a very few tried and true pieces of clothing.


Van life gives me the opportunity to evaluate everything through a new lens: will it fit in the van. There is no room for redundancy and no room for whimsical purchases. Everything has it’s place and if something new comes in, it must be replacing something old.

The minimalism of van life has thrown in to stark light the need to surround myself with only items that are versatile, useful, and durable. That is the genesis of this project; to evaluate the performance of clothing and gear during life on the road.