Ray Ban RB 4181

A quick confession, when I was a kid, my eye doctor prescribed an eyepatch to help correct my lazy eye. Not the cool, Pirate-style black eye patch either. More of a giant Band-Aid that I had to wear over my good eye for several hours every day. I guess it worked, I wouldn’t call it lazy anymore, but sometimes I think it just doesn’t apply itself to the task at hand.

All this to say: my vision is not 20/20. I can still pass the DMV eye exam without glasses, but distant trees are a bit more impressionistic painting than photographic image. Until the fall of 2016, I always just wore regular sunglasses. They blocked out the light and my vision was the same with or without them. Then I had an epiphany, prescription sunglasses. Enter my Ray Ban RB 4148.

Now you might be thinking, any glasses that help me see better would be an improvement. And you would be right. But there are a few other things that I like about these particular shades.

Road Worthy Features

  • Green tint lenses that transition very well from full sun to partial shade. I like this because it means that I can wear them in many lighting situations without having to prop them up on my head.
  • Stylin’: Be honest, sunglasses are as much about style as anything else. Unless I am riding a bike and need specific shades; style matters.


  • The green tint lenses are not quite dark enough for the brightest days on the snow or White Sands National Monument (if you find yourself there – which I recommend)
  • Frames tend to stretch a bit when I do prop them up on my head. Eventually they will slip down my nose a bit. This is easily remedied with a trip to the vision store where they can reshape the frames for a tight fit.
  • Expensive sunglasses means that I have to keep track of them and try to limit the number of times I drop them. Nearly impossible tasks, but so far so good.

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